Sonali Bendre returns to India, husband Goldie Behl feels happy for her

Latest bollywood news about Bollywood actress Sonali Bendre has come to Mumbai for the first time at 2.45 pm on Monday night after taking treatment for cancer in New York. During this time her husband Goldie Behl appeared with her. When Sonali Bendre came out of the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport in Mumbai, she appeared very happy in seeing her so much fancy and paparaji in such a night. Seeing her happy in this way, her fans are very emotional. Sonali is very beautifully welcomed on social media too.

On social media all of them are wishing for good health and happiness on the latest photos of Sonali’s late night. Along with Sonali, social media users are also very supportive to her husband. Who are standing with Sonali at every step and are giving full contribution to Sonali in this fight of cancer.

After reading these comments for Sonali, it is clear that all are quite emotional. Let me tell bollywood news to you that when you stepped out of the airport, Sonali Bendre stood in front of the media, paused, photographed, but did not talk to the media. She simply called ‘Thank You’ and went straight to her car.

According to Bollywood Updates, Sonali Bendre did not talk to the media, but Goldie Behl said on behalf of Sonali Bendre, “After six months of treatment, Sonali’s health is much better now and she is also recovering well.”

When bollywood news asked Goldie Behl that if Sonali Bendre would go back to the US for the treatment of cancer and whether it would be admitted further, Goldie Behl denied that, “At this time the treatment is over, Sonali is completely fine, though Sonali will go ahead in the US for all kinds of regular check-ups and scans, because it is a disease that could return is … like a typical patient with Sonali will also be chosen check-up. ”

As per Bollywood Updates, Goldie Behl thanked all the fans, family members and friends for helping her fight with cancer of his wife Sonali Bendre.

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