Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor wedding rumours utter rubbish: Mukesh Bhatt

Bollywood stars Ranbir Kapoor and actress Alia Bhatt have expressed their love in public, but the fans will have to wait a bit for the wedding of this best couple. Recently the news was coming that the preparations for the marriage of Alia-Ranbir have started, but if allauddin Mukesh Bhatt of Alia Bhatt believes that all the speculation in marriage is wrong. They have rejected rumors of marriage.

Mukesh Bhatt has said, “The news of Alia-Ranbir’s marriage is wrong. Who is spreading the rumors? Alia’s brother Rahul Bhatt also told a website that he has no information about marriage. He said, ‘Aliya is my step sester. We do not live together. I do not know much about him. However, I like the duo of Alia-Ranbir. If I get invited to the wedding, I will definitely participate. ‘

Earlier, Ali’s mother had also refused to discuss the issue of marriage while rejecting speculation about the marriage. Close to Alia Bhatt, even if she is denying marriage reports, but both of them have expressed their love in front and have appeared together on many occasions.

Recently the news was coming that Alia Bhatt met fashion designer Sabyasachi and ordered her for a wedding too. It was being told that Alia and Ranbir can be tied in the bondage of marriage only at the beginning of next year. Although no information has been given about the marriage of both the family till date, nor did Alia-Ranbir say anything about the marriage.

During this year’s Filmfare Awards ceremony, Alia had spoken to everyone about her heart and propose Ranbir. After that, Kapal has also been spots at several places together.

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