Gaur City Center – Gaur Wholesale Bazaar Offer unlimited Shopping, Dining and Fun

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Delhi NCR is the most popular metropolitan city of India. It is also considered as the entertainment, shopping hub and financial capital of the country. Night life in Delhi NCR is unforgettable if you are keen about it. Here, you can find modern dress, enjoyment centre and varieties of items that will impress you at one sight. When you visit any of the shopping malls and Gaur City Center is a great choice for shopaholics will make your memorable one. Due to high growth of economy, lots of new shopping malls opened in the city and nearby areas. Shopping malls does not only offer you the brilliant shopping experience but also create a new job.

Gaur City Center is the largest shopping mall that has five star hotel, restaurants, hypermarket, retail shops and branded showroom that will give you a unique shopping experience. The project has more than 500 unit spans over an area of 5 acres of land. Here, you can catch the most popular and famous brands such as pantaloons, Nike etc.  You will not just enjoy the shopping but also taste the delicious food in the five-star restaurants. Let’s celebrate your each occasion and wonderful events in this amazing plaza.

Gaur wholesale Bazaar is the commercial destination where you can enjoy your each holiday and lovely time. It is a collection of shopping, dining, fun and movies and live a luxury life. The shops have different size and you can buy according to your requirements. All the shops are fully furnished with amazing interior décor. It is located in Noida extension and very near to the upcoming metro station, so will not face any problem of transportation.Buyers and investors can think over it and purchase the shops and explore their business to the upper level.

Gaur City Center – Gaur Sadar Bazaar Unique and Great commercial Project

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Gaur City Center is a new commercial project in Greater Noida West to explore the ultimate shopping experience. This project includes exclusive retail spaces with full of amenities and features. This business space is located just next to Gaur Chowk in Greater Noida West and is directly open to 130 meter broad Noida greater Noida link road. This project is planned to sort your daily needs with all possible convenience. With all possible features and unique architectural development this is going to be the best of retail projects in town and in surrounding cities.

Main advantages of this project is that it is situated at the starting point of whole Noida Extension & Commercial District Center with excellent connectivity and is build up on a corner plot which is approved by Noida Authority.This is a four sided open plot which will include leading brands outlets, food court, multiplex, offices, hotel and studio apartments. All business units are low maintenance cost and Ample of parking space and this commercial development is close to 2 Lacs family which are going to shift in different residential communities and all this will increase and contribute to the customer footfall to Gaur City center. Other than this it is situated in close proximity to Gaur City & Gaur City 2.

This project is going to prove a unique and great commercial project because of multiple USPs and its availability at affordable and competitive prices. Gaursons has already proved themselves as the best and most renowned development group of our country and have contributed a lot in raising the standards of commercial sector. This profitable venture is the best place to invest and for the expansion of business in Delhi NCR. Metro connectivity is also been appreciated as a new mode of transport to Gaur Sadar Bazaar and is adding stars to this project.

Gaur Sadar Bazaar & Wholesale Bazaar – New Commercial Luxury Shops

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Gaur Sadar Bazaar is a warm shell space that has three floors and it is on the 1st floor of Gaur City center mall located in Noida extension. Each floor has an independent lift with an independent entrance and security also. Some of the benefits are there of this property that are completely independent floor with private access, ample parking space, low maintenance cost and availability of lifts and escalators. It is strategically located just close to the national highway, Bus stand, IT sector and close proximity to the metro station. The warm contemporary environment is highly conductive to productivity resulting in the success of your business.

Gaur Sadar Bazaar ensures you to provide all the products at the best price and quality items. It is a new age shopping destination where you get varieties of popular brands and well-designed stores to suite varied business needs. The floor has seating area includes premium cabins and flexible desk arrangements. It is fantastic and has a modern interior design that delivers the great environment for the shopkeepers and also for shoppers. It spreads over an area of 23000 square feet of land and has offered an excellent idea to enable all the stores from where shopaholics can get each and every product without any hassle.

Gaur Wholesale Bazaar is the best shopping destination on the 2nd floor of Gaur City Center where you can hangout, eat, shop and full too enjoyment. It is a place for serious shoppers who shops branded items at the best price.Moreover, you can click some pictures in outside landscape filled with water fountains, flowers and gardens and keep yourself in a relax mode by sitting in the park. These are some of the benefits that catches your eyes and give a healthy and luxurious life. Breathe the breezy air and shop too that makes you happy.

Gaur Wholesale Bazaar & Gaur Sadar Bazaar – Find Your Favorite Brand Here

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With the team of talented professionals, Gaursons Group is involved in providing the best in class services of commercial complex as well as residential homes. For those who are looking for all in one shopping complex where they get everything in the quickest and easiest way, then Gaur City center is the best mall for you where the design, facilities and products all are of the top notch quality. Each shop is very well furnished and decorated with the flowers and interior design.This the best shopping destination where you can do lots of shop within a day.

The Gaur Wholesale Bazaar offers a combination of local stores and international brands. It is a modern shopping plaza located in Noida Extension that is very near to the upcoming metro station. Moreover, this city is very close to the IT center, school and colleges that can fetch you many couples and employees for your shops. A number of huge malls have opened in recent years, but there is no other mall that matches this shopping mall. It has well designed and attractive venues that attracts you the most such as food courts, cinema halls, sports complex and entertainment section.

The Gaur Sadar Bazaar of Gaur City Center is the largest and a modern commercial property developed by Gaursons Group. It is the best place for you to spend your holidays and weekends like you can do shopping, dining, fun and movies under one roof.Let’s celebrate your events and occasions in the special bar and restaurants and spend some quality time with your friends and family. Plan your party and ready to go to the movies in Gaur City Center Noida where you can do lots of fun. Book your space for your business also where you can start your business and move to a new level. The shops are waiting for you, just come and book it now.

Gaur Wholesale Bazaar – Own a Business Space and Shop till Drop

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Gaursons Group is coming with a new market option in Noida extension that is Gaur Wholesale Bazaar which is a part of the Gaur City Center.It is based on the 2nd floor of the project span over an area of 5.68 acres of area. It is going to be a large commercial hub in terms of business point of view and great shopping. Here, you can enjoy the lavish service, office space and green outside landscape with branded shopping. If we talk about the connectivity, it is well connected to the upcoming metro station and very close to 2 lacs family that offers a great customer for your business.

Gaur Wholesale Bazaar is well designed with distinctive style and latest fashion that offers spacious shops. It is the destination where you can hang out, shopping, eat and have some party. It includes the branded store, interior play zone, showrooms and anchor shop. Here, you can shop luxurious high-end product with branded materials. It is a full package of fun where you can spend your amazing time. Live a luxury life and watch decorated garden and water fountain. It comes to new concept and fresh ideas in terms of design and shops.

Gaur Wholesaler Bazaar has a great collection of shops. The layout and floor plan is amazingly designed to give you a wonderful zone where you can spend your wonderful weekends. This shopping complex is a great place for your kids also where they can play indoor games and other entertainment activities. It is a perfect venue and has a collection of international and domestic brands with unlimited stores.It is a top class project with modern day amenities. It is a safe junction for your family as it has everything for everyone. Own a business space here as well as access the top brands also.

Gaur Wholesale Bazaar – Shopping Centre in Gaur City Center

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Gaur Wholesale Bazaar is the perfect commercial space available in Gaur City Center Noida Extension. It is becoming famous for its brilliant markets and entertainment section where each member can enjoy to the fullest and spend their lovely weekend. The girls and college going students can come here and purchase the latest or trendy fashionable items in terms of clothes, electronics and cosmetics. The location is brilliant that is very near to the offices and residential homes and give number of customers for your business. It has a collection of shops, showrooms and street markets where you can enjoy your shopping till you drop.

Gaur Wholesale Bazaar is the best place to hang out, eateries and catch the distinct lifestyle. It is a full package of fun in a single place for the visitors. It serves the branded products with luxurious high-end product. The building has been designed with stylish architecture and you can find every brand here of any categories such as clothing, shoes, home decor and kitchen ware etc. The person who is looking to promote the business and advertise it, then this destination is the fantastic place for them.

The outside landscape is also beautifully designed with offering some latest features such as sitting area, water fountain and decorated garden and parks. Gaur City Center has a great collection of mall, multiplex, food courts and much more. The great advantage of this property is close proximity to the Gaur city and gaur City 2 projects. Gaur Wholesale Bazaar projects spread over an area of 23000 square feet and enjoy all the features such as watch movies, play indoor games and enjoy the delicious food with lots of shopping. Gaur Sadar bazar is the best mall for shopaholics. So, it is a perfect venue for full enjoyment in eco-friendly environment.

Gaur Wholesale Bazaar – Shopping District of Noida

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Gaur Wholesale Bazaar is the greatest commercial project of things for the home, style and fashion located in Noida extension. This property offers not only family products but also getting popularity in various other products such as kid’s toys and funny games, jewelries and much more. It is a great collection of stores like stores selling notorious china products, great outfits, branded showroom, amazing electronic products shops and many others to enjoy the whole project. So, you have to experience something special here, so start your trip to this destination and enjoy your whole day. Moreover, the stores offer different products at a much lower price than the modern purchasing centers.

Gaur Wholesale Bazaar become more popular in the festive seasons like Diwali and New Year where you get all the items for your home decoration.The best thing is its location that is easily accessible from anywhere and the customer can also reach to this place easily. Additionally, the vibrant atmosphere of this complex can make shopping lots of fun. It is the best market in Delhi NCR sells a huge array of trendy items and fashionable things. It includes various trendy items which are waiting to be discovered. Do not miss this market to shop and enjoy other thing like entertainment and food court.

Gaur Wholesale Bazar contains amazing stores, showrooms and food court in each floor. Many of the shops also deals in wholesale and export to foreign countries, making it the best place to hunt out unique goods and inexpensive product. You can make your shopping an adventurous one by going into the gaming section and play room where you can explore the adventure games. It is a place where you will not only find a huge range of products but also deliver you the restaurants, hotels, bars and movie theatres.

Gaur Wholesale Bazaar in Gaur City Center – Where you can shop till you drop

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The shopping complex is an absolute shopper’s delight. There are hordes of designer shops, showrooms and entertainment zone that make shopping all the more exciting. With superb and great collection and high quality products, shopping in Noida is something everyone would love. Gaursons Group is coming with a great commercial project that is Gaur wholesale bazaar where you can find the best at the least. This commercial plaza is a fabulous shopping hub that includes from latest clothes, shoes and accessories to the 5-star hotels and restaurant and to the entertainment section where you can play indoor games and watch a movie.

As a name suggests, Gaur Wholesale bazaar you can buy the products in bulk at the best price.You can be assured to find the trending fashion at throwaway price at this plaza. The location is very lively and bustling and thereby this mall will get lots of customers, so opting a shop whether it’s a motive of opening a business or investment purpose, both will be helpful for you.Shopping at this destination is like visiting a carnival where you get the stuff and products of international countries also. There is everything that a person is looking for.

Gaur City Center Wholesale bazaar is apt if a person wants to experience the mixture of local and international flavor under one roof. The place specializes in wholesale of products such as clothes, vegetables, fruits and spices. The best thing you would love in this place is you find domestic pets of different sizes and breeds. The whole complex is dedicated to up the ante of your fashion. With approximately more than 600 fashion shops and showrooms present in this mall that attracts teenagers and college going students in plenty. It is a market for everyone that sells varieties of products and will leave everyone in awe!