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Gaur Siddhartham
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Gaursons Gaur Siddhartham

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945-1195 sq.ft

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2,3 BHK

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29.24 Lacs

Gaur Siddhartham Price List

S.No. Block Type Floor Carpet Area* ( Carpet Area* (Sq.ft.) Total Area** ( Total Area** (Sq.ft.) Basic Sales Price(@ Rs. 3095/- per sqft)
1 J 2Bedrooms + Drawing/Dinning + Kitchen + 2Toilets +Balconies Stilt + 32 Floors 48.50 522.00 87.80 945 29,24,775
2 I 2Bedrooms + Drawing + Dinning + Kitchen + 2Toilets +Balconies Stilt + 32 Floors 48.50 522 88.73 955 29,55,725
3 C 3Bedrooms + Drawing + Dinning + Kitchen + 2Toilets + Store + Powder Room + Balconies + Foyer Stilt + 32 Floors 59.83 644 110.10 1185.00 36,67,575
3 C 3Bedrooms + Drawing + Dinning + Kitchen + 2Toilets + Store + Powder Room + Balconies + Foyer Stilt + 32 Floors 59.83 644 111.10 1195.00 36,98,525

Extra Charges :- (Payable As Per Payment Plan)

Floor PLC (at Total Area) :- 1st to 4th Floor - Rs 4843.76/- per sqft (Rs 450/- per sqft), 5th to 8th Floor - Rs 4305.56/- per (Rs 400/- per sq.ft.), 9th to 12 th Floor - Rs 3229/- per (Rs 300/- per sq.ft.), 13th - 16th Floor - Rs 2691/- per (Rs 250/- per sq.ft.), 17th - 20th Floor - Rs 2153/- per (Rs 200/- per sq.ft.), 21st - 24th Floor - Rs 538/- per sq mtr (Rs 50/- per sq.ft.), 25th -30th Floor -Nil

50 Mtr. Road Facing (at Total Area):- Rs 1076/- per (Rs 100/- per sq.ft.) Units: 18,19,24,25
18 Mtr. RoadFacing (atTotal Area):- Rs 538/- per (Rs 50/- per sq.ft.) Units: 66,67,72,73,74,75,80,81
Centre Green/Club &Pool Facing (atTotal Area) :- Rs 1615/- per (Rs 150/-per sq.ft.) Units:20, 21, 22, 23, 68, 69, 70,71, 76, 77, 78, 79.
One Covered/Basement Car Parking Basement Car Parking (Level - 1) Rs. 3,25,000/- for Basement Car Parking
Basement Car Parking (Level - 2) Rs. 2,50,000/- for Basement Car Parking
Basement Car Parking (Level - 3) Rs. 1,75,000/- for Basement Car Parking
Electric Meter Installation charges @ 10000/-per KVA -5 KVA/2BHK & 7.5 KVA/3BHK
Power Backup Installation charges @ 25000/-per KVA -1 KVA/2BHK & 2 KVA/3BHK
Area Development Charges (at Total Area) :- FREE OF COST Rs. 1615/- per sq. mtr. ( Rs. 150/-per Sq. ft.)

Construction Link Payment Plan

At the time of booking 1,00,000/-
1st Installment with in 30 days of booking 10% - Rs. 1,00,000/-
2nd Installment with 60 days from the day of booking 10%
3rd Installment on Start of excavation 10%
4th Installment on completion of 1st Basement Roof slab 10%
5th Installment on completion of 2nd floor roof slab 10%
6th Installment on completion of 7th floor roof slab 10%
7th Installment on completion of 12th floor roof slab 10%
8th Installment on completion of 17th floor roof slab 10%
9th Installment on completion of 22nd floor roof slab 10%
10th Installment on completion of Top floor roof slab 5%
At the time of offer of Fit Out 5%

Down Payment Plan (10% extra discount on BSP)

At the time of Booking 10%
First Installment within 45 Days of booking 85%
At the time of offer of fit out 5%
Date of Completion : 42 Months from the date of Sanction/ Start of Excavation whichever is later
Service Tax as applicable.
Price list & Payment Plan can be changed without notice.
Demand will be raised as per completed construction stage.
Interest Free Maintenance Security (at Total Area) : Rs. 269.10 per (Rs. 25/- per sq.ft.) payable at the time of offer of Fit Out.
Cheques will be in favour of "Gaursons India Ltd".
Note : Open From 2nd Floor to Floor Height
*Carpet Area (as per RERA guidelines): - means the net usable floor area of an apartment, exclusive balcony or verandah area and exclusive open terrace area, but includes the area covered by the internal partition walls of the apartment.excluding the area covered by the external walls, areas under services shafts,
**Total Area (as per RERA guidelines): - Means the covered area of the said apartment including the entire area enclosed by its periphery walls including area under walls, columns, balconies and lofts etc. and half the area of common walls with other premises/apartments which form integral part of said apartment and common areas shall mean all such parts/areas in the entire said project which the Allottee(s) shall use by sharing with other occupants of the said project including entrance lobby, electrical shafts, fire shafts, plumbing shafts and services ledges on all floors, common corridors, and passages, staircases, staircase shaft, mumties, services area including but not limited to the machine rooms, security/fire control rooms, maintenance offices/stores etc, if provided.
***1 = 10.7639 sq.ft.